自今年5月份以来,大兴分局整合警务资源,结合321打防管控一体化专项行动部署,针对辖区群众反映强烈的黑车问题,集中开展了为期2个月的整治工作,取得阶段性成果。专项行动中,大兴分局开展先期摸排,确定整治工作重点,同时发挥联勤联动工作机制,建立了多支联合执法小分队,形成合力解决了单一执法困难多的问题。 执法小分队从点线面3个层面全方位部署,以公交车站繁华商市场周边及重要交通路口为重点整治点位,坚持露头就打,集中从速打击黑车扰序非法运营。目前,分局共查处非法运营等各类车辆1676辆,查获违法人员1961元,并组织开展了非法运营车辆集中统一销毁活动,有效防止了黑车发还在运营。 全区街头秩序明显好转,黑车扰序问题得到有效遏制。


Beijing Daxing Public Security Bureau Rectifies Illegal Cars

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Since May of this year, the Daxing Branch has integrated police resources, combined with the deployment of the 321 special action for the integration of prevention, management and control, and focused on the black car problem that the people in the jurisdiction have strongly reported. It has carried out a two-month rectification work and achieved phased results. In the special action, the Daxing branch carried out preliminary investigations to determine the key points of the rectification work. At the same time, it used the joint logistics and linkage working mechanism to establish multiple joint law enforcement teams to form a joint force to solve the problem of single law enforcement with many difficulties. The law enforcement team is fully deployed from the three levels of point, line and surface, focusing on the surrounding areas of bustling bus stops and important traffic intersections, insisting on hitting when they are exposed, and focusing on cracking down on illegal operations of black cars as soon as possible. At present, the sub-bureau has investigated and dealt with 1,676 illegally operating vehicles and other types of vehicles, seized 1,961 yuan of illegal personnel, and organized a centralized and unified destruction of illegally operating vehicles, effectively preventing black cars from still operating. The street order in the whole district has obviously improved, and the disorder of black cars has been effectively curbed.