My Favorite People’s Police in the Capital is about to start

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Capital Police Report, Beijing Public Security Bureau, Duan Guiqing, Wang Cong, Liu Zhiyuan, Zheng Jingxiang, Rong Dali, Sun Jian, Zhang Mingfei, Xie Xingwen, Yang Yan, Meng Bo, Li Jianhua

The first election of my favorite capital people’s police of our bureau is about to start. A few days ago, journalist representatives from the main news media and important websites of the city participated in the symposium on the selection activities. At the meeting, heated discussions were held on the methods and steps of the selection activities, publicity methods, stage tasks and other issues, and pertinent opinions and suggestions were put forward. The Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau attaches great importance to this selection activity, and regards this selection activity as a specific measure for our bureau to implement the requirements of the masses in the new era. As an effective carrier to strengthen team building and establish team image. Strive to launch a group of advanced models who are trustworthy by the masses, have excellent performance, and are well-known by the society through this selection activity.

My Favorite People’s Police in the Capital is about to start