按照市局,以警务创新推动社会管理创新的部署和要求,大兴分局结合辖区实际,积极创新社会面巡逻防控机制,首次全面推行携犬巡逻巡逻模式。下面请看详细内容。 16分钟后。 携犬巡逻图启动。 8月14日下午4点在北京石油化工学院体育馆,随着市局副局长张兵的命令,大兴公安分局在区政府的大力支持下,斥资800余万元建立了携手巡逻队,正式走上街头。目前,统一标准的犬舍已经建设完成40辆,携犬巡逻车55名训导员100条警犬已经到位,开始在全分局21个派出所全面推行携犬巡逻警务模式。 经过相关科目训练,这些警犬将陆续投入使用。 真的,他们将在执行民警的带领下,在早市夜市等重点时段京冀交界等偏僻地段的设岗盘查中,起到震慑保障民警执勤安全等作用。此外,做只警犬巡逻队伍也将与去年来相继推出的辅警千人专职巡逻队移动警务站警用自行车钉子岗等1系列巡逻机制相互衔接,形成严密的巡逻防控网络,共同为大兴居民营造一个平安和谐的社会秩序。

In accordance with the numerical value and the deployment and requirements of promoting social management innovation with police innovation, Daxing Branch actively innovated the social patrol prevention and control mechanism based on the actual situation of the jurisdiction, and fully implemented the patrol mode with dogs for the first time. See below for details. 16 minutes later. The dog patrol map is activated. At 4 p.m. on August 14, in the gymnasium of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, following the order of Zhang Bing, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, the Daxing Public Security Bureau, with the strong support of the district government, spent more than 8 million yuan to establish a joint patrol team and officially took to the streets. At present, 40 standard kennels have been built, 55 dog trainers and 100 police dogs have been put in place, and the 21 police stations of all sub-bureaus have begun to fully implement the dog-carrying patrol policing model. After training in relevant subjects, these police dogs will be put into use one after another. Indeed, under the leadership of the executive police, they will act as a deterrent to ensure the safety of the police during the inspection of remote areas such as the Beijing-Hebei junction during key periods such as morning and night markets. In addition, being a police dog patrol team will also be connected with a series of patrol mechanisms such as the mobile police station police bicycle nail post, which has been launched last year, to form a strict patrol prevention and control network, and jointly serve Daxing. Residents create a peaceful and harmonious social order.