按照市委市政府开展城市秩序百日整治专项工作部署,在百万市民问卷大调查中,全市排名第二的秩序乱点五道口长水地区由于活动人流大,导致车辆乱停乱放黑车非法运营和无照游商非法经营等问题出现,为做好城市秩序百日整治工作思路,中旬以来,海淀分局会同交通城管等部门全力开展联合执法清理整治,协调各部门扩大停车资源。 改造电导隔离板7月18日,分局治安支队组织西接音箱等相关执法部门出动警力80人,集中开展五道口自行车辆停放的清理整治,将所有辆停放自行车清理进南北两侧停车场,治安面貌初步改观,城市秩序明显好转。

According to the special work deployment of the municipal party committee and government to carry out the 100-day rectification of urban order, in the questionnaire survey of millions of citizens, the Wudaokou Changshui area, which ranked second in the city’s orderly disorder, due to the large flow of people, led to the illegal operation of illegal parking and illegal operation of black cars. Problems such as illegal operation of unlicensed tourist operators have appeared. In order to improve the 100-day rectification work of urban order, since the middle of the year, Haidian Branch, together with transportation and urban management departments, have made every effort to carry out joint law enforcement and rectification, and coordinated various departments to expand parking resources. Renovation of Conductivity Isolation Board On July 18th, the Public Security Detachment of the branch organized a police force of 80 people from relevant law enforcement departments such as speakers in the west to focus on cleaning and rectifying the parking of bicycles in Wudaokou, and cleared all parked bicycles into the parking lots on the north and south sides. Initially improved, the urban order has improved significantly.