进入今年暑期以来,天安门地区游客流量日均已达到40万余人,特别是在每日升旗7181等节日期间,易居每日游客流量更是超过以往同期水平。面对暑期高峰,天安门分局多措并举,主动采取有效措施,全力做好各项工作。下面请看详细内容。进入7月份以来,天安门地区人流量激增,日军已经突破40万人,每日参观毛主席纪念堂的流量接近5万人。 游览故宫的流量超过8万人,特别是升级期间关机流量超过3万人。维护天安门地区安全稳定的任务异常繁重。面对形势,分局制定专项方案,强化情报先行,针对突出类警情,通过翼豹领导会商研判,岗前传达岗位交织,确保行动部署前置。民警带着警情,上港分局结合实际,狠抓各级责任落实值班领导坚持白天现场带班。 降级后,在金水桥着装巡逻。次日凌晨,现场指挥早升级安保工作,全天候一线督导形物为史升级安保工作。安全有序分局每日采取组织群众排队间接放行和严格安检等措施应对升级高峰。为确保地区安全稳定,分局加大广场外围的10条过滤线9个安检口的盘查安检力度,提高了48个责任区的民警管事率,通过严密网格化管控。 增加一个可疑人员的碰撞几率,层层落实责任,在全力维护地区安全稳定和秩序良好的同时,分区为暑期的中小学生开辟绿色观其通道,积极主动服务公众。为了做好暑期天安门地区的自主维护工作,天安门分局积极协调会和毛主席纪念堂管理局故宫博物院地区城管等单位,通过提前开放时间紧密部署及早到位强化秩序疏导打防管控等措施。 全力维护暑期高峰时段地区稳定和秩序良好。

Since the beginning of this summer, the daily flow of tourists in the Tiananmen area has reached more than 400,000 people, especially during festivals such as the daily flag-raising 7181, the daily tourist flow of E-House exceeds the previous level in the same period. Facing the peak of the summer vacation, Tiananmen Branch took multiple measures, took the initiative to take effective measures, and made every effort to do a good job in various tasks. See below for details. Since the beginning of July, the flow of people in Tiananmen area has surged. The Japanese army has exceeded 400,000, and the daily flow of visitors to the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is close to 50,000. The number of people visiting the Forbidden City exceeded 80,000, especially during the upgrade period when the traffic was shut down to more than 30,000. The task of maintaining security and stability in the Tiananmen area is extremely heavy. In the face of the situation, the sub-bureau formulated a special plan to strengthen the intelligence first, and for the outstanding police situation, the Impreza leaders consulted and judged, communicated and intertwined the posts before the post, and ensured that the action was deployed in advance. With the police intelligence, the SIPG branch, in light of the actual situation, paid close attention to the responsibility at all levels to implement the leaders on duty and insisted on leading the shift on-site during the day. After de-escalation, dress patrol at Jinshui Bridge. In the early morning of the next day, the on-site commander upgraded the security work early, and all-weather front-line supervisors upgraded the security work for the history. The Safety and Orderly Sub-bureau takes measures such as organizing the masses to queue up for indirect release and strict security inspection every day to cope with the escalation peak. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the region, the sub-bureau has increased the inspection and security checks at 10 filter lines and 9 security checkpoints on the periphery of the square, and improved the police management rate of 48 areas of responsibility, through strict grid control. Increase the probability of a suspicious person colliding, and implement responsibilities layer by layer. While making every effort to maintain the safety, stability and good order of the region, the division opens up a green channel for primary and secondary school students during the summer vacation to actively serve the public. In order to do a good job in the self-maintenance of the Tiananmen area during the summer vacation, the Tiananmen Branch actively coordinated with the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Administration and the Palace Museum area urban management and other units to strengthen the order, evacuation, prevention, control and other measures through close deployment in advance of the opening time. Make every effort to maintain the stability and good order of the area during the peak summer period.