中秋节小长假期间,公交总队围绕扒窃拎包等影响群众安全感的多发性侵财犯罪,加强了对公交线路和场站的重点布控,打击各种现行犯罪活动。为确保乘客的出行安全,公交总队3天共出动警力2100余人次,其中第一力量650余人次,在火车站旅游景点地铁站内等周边的公交线路上开展打击扒窃工作。同时,治安民警在各大长途客运站地铁站。 加强巡逻盘查力度。3天里抓获了15种扒手。  

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the bus corps strengthened the key control of bus routes and depots, and cracked down on various current criminal activities, focusing on multiple crimes of sexual assault and wealth that affect people’s sense of security, such as pickpocketing and carrying bags. In order to ensure the travel safety of passengers, the bus corps dispatched more than 2,100 police personnel in three days, including more than 650 people from the first force, to combat pickpocketing on the bus lines in the railway station, tourist attractions, subway station and other surrounding areas. At the same time, public security police stationed at major long-distance bus stations and subway stations. Intensify patrols and inspections. 15 kinds of pickpockets were caught in 3 days.